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Sony XF7596 Smart TV - Unboxing, Setup & Review

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We tested the new 49\" Sony Android Smart tv with 4K Ultra HD \u0026 HDR - 49XF7596. A Good 4K ips tv with low input lag...

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Hey guys we were falling the long path of how to buy affordable and high quality smart TV you have probably heard about XF 75 but is this 4k TV really. Fast what it claims to be or you need to pay more to avoid compromises behind the corner the Sony XF 75 96 does promise to.

Deliver sharp and fancy looking IPS edge LED screen today we will take a closer look at 49 version which has 10 bit color and HDR 10 support as one of Sony. Best mid-range 4k TVs this year this t weekend delivers many of the functions as the higher-end models if you wonder how big window it should buy you can choose from 43 to 65 inch sizes it's good to know that 55 and 65 inch versions have direct LED screen which has even better contrast and screen uniformity test then smaller versions while it might have the massive Android apps and games it will be still easy to use if you only need YouTube Netflix or web browser you can easily connect smartphone to the chromecast and it also supports Bluetooth keyboards.

The design of XF 75 is quite practically decent the shiny black back rather screen purchase on the sturdy plastic fits which have built-in cable management but you can also all want it the rear sight is very simple with classic black made plastic and as you can see the most connections are on the right side at a glance the XF 75 is very.

Special television this mostly do the fact that has external power supply while many others have baking you can.

Connect four HDMI to USB and one optical device and we cannot forget composite and headphone socket which is very useful if you have classic wireless headphones size that they try and star one HDMI and only four differently but facing towards the wall it's still far from perfect location it should be on the left side you can easily connect antenna but it is a little trickier to hide thick cable the remote control.

Seems to have some new buttons but otherwise it has that comfort zone in a mode field include slightly improved layout which improved the ease of use it is equipped with K for voice control on the top and it also has that special Google Play button the case press couldn't be less loose but it still feels nice the installation process on.

This Android TV is very quick you just need to choose the language location connections and complete channel search the XS 75 96 strongest point is most certainly its Android platform and well calibrated screen the list of Android apps is very big but it still support only special built and perhaps the XF 75 has quad-core ports.

With 16 gigs of memory support for HDR and can produce up to 400 nits of peak brightness it includes Android 7 we.

Liked way that platform has been improved in the last year's especially when compared to Philips the basic layout is still the same but some icons like web browser are really really very easy to find even if you're looking right into it when it comes to picture.

Modes the TV's factory set to standard mode if you want best colors you will need to switch to either rivet or advanced mode for more settings the XF 75 was surprisingly good in certain areas the use of IPS LED screen move meant that there was a powerful chorus and viewing angles were wider than on VA panel TVs sadly motion handling wasn't equally as exciting but the TV was still able to deliver a tremendous overall picture you will expect HDR content to.

Be better in the darkroom while its color saturation is good but images just can't get very bright at 315 it's in the sunny room the lack of peak illuminance puts it behind the more expensive 8 and 9 series with more than 500 nits.

Sonne Android TV has all important apps available and easy to navigate interface finding settings and menu options are pretty straightforward an app selection from Google Play Store is very simple so.

That quad core processor Rock fine and that's very visible when we talk about the quality of games on Android TV which is much better than on the same Linux or huevos it support advanced graphics and.

It's it has big selection of games if. You need better control you can easily connect wireless gamepad.

You took at work's wood but we wonder why search keyboard is a little bigger.

You still have to control over advanced settings and the Android mania player plays our major formats with subtitles and it has a lot of options to customize.

Built-in web browser is fine but it could have more options for web page with your playback it is possible to connect bluetooth mouse for faster clicking experience you can get a. Clearer allowed out the performance by hidden speaker standards it's lagging a bit in no bars but sound is projected. Quite well.

The sony XS 75 96 is not the fastest and. The loudest TV on the market but it offer one of the richest smart to be experienced and it has that IPS wide view screen it provides comment about multitasking performance from the reasonable price the sony xf 75 maybe cost more than other similar tvs but it still managed to outperform any of them with higher quality and brighter screen making it analogical choice.


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