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Samsung UE55NU7400U 55" Smart HDR 4K UHD Television Review (input lag testing)

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Hi welcome back to marks electrical Studios today we're looking at Samsung's UE 55 ndu 7400 u 55 inch smart HD our 4k.

Ultra-high definition TV now Samsung's 7000 series is their entry-level for 4k uhd certified 2018 displays and this nu.

7400 is at the top end of that series the Nu 7500 is the curved version of. This currently available went for screen sizes from 43 to 65 inch this 55 inch is.

Probably the most popular size and it's big enough to immerse yourself in your favorite movie or sporting event design-wise it's in charcoal black with a V type Center stand the VMB bezel is nice and thin and the black back has cable routing into the stand the plastics of good quality and it looks good too technology wise it's a 4k uhd 60 Hertz edgelet v8 with HDR 10 plus and. 8lg compatibility it has dynamic crystal. Color which creates acclaimed at 1 billion natural color shades and deep blacks this results in a lovely detailed and colorful picture with a peak UI of 1700 with good movement to via auto Motion Plus sound is from 20 watts of to channel down firing speakers and is fine for an average sized room and there's good volume were not much distortion at the high end and it has multi room Beatty support cameras should be excited by the 15 milliseconds input lag in game mode with 82.5 milliseconds in standard mode Samsung Smart Hub user interface is great and it has lots of amazing features it's a bit laggy now on them but it works really well and the TM 1850 every month has voice control let's take a quick look at the interface ok pressing the home button on the one remote brings up the app based home screen pressing the left on the direction button Scrolls along the apps at the bottom and as each is highlighted it brings up the options for that app above you then press the up on the Direction button and you can scroll through those options and press the select button to open them so moving right along the apps TV plus comes first then Netflix Amazon Prime video a YouTube google play smart things gallery. Web browser Rakuten TV facebook video.

Spotify music and these are music and you can customize them the next menu is the colored button menu just like the ones on a standard remote which also has voice activation the numerical menu is. Next for entering number choices so it's simple it's logical and you will soon grow to love it it's the Samsung Smart Hub 2018 ok let's have a look at the. Dimensions and the connectivity there's an understand height of 800 millimeters the width of the TV is twelve hundred and thirty nine millimeters the stand depth is three hundred and fifty millimeters and the stand width is eight hundred and fifty millimeters off stand the high is seven hundred and fourteen millimeters the width again is twelve thirty nine and the depth or the thickness of the TV is fifty nine millimeters the Viso wall mounting size is 200 by 200 connectivity includes RFM. There satellite there's component composite three HDMI two USBs there's. Built-in Wi-Fi LAN common interface Bluetooth and optical audio out so. Something out this TV has a color full detailed picture with good movement and an excellent user interface and gamers will love it and you could have one in your home tomorrow free delivery over two hour time slot from Marx electrical and that's next day and weekends included just click on the link in the description panel below to all the one right now.


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