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samsung UE46F8000 Led tv unboxing

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This is an unboxing video of the Samsung UE46F8000 led tv. One of the thinnest led tv's out there. This particular model has a 46" full hd screen, a camera for skyping or controlling the tv, 2 remotes (one of which can use voice control). The tv has a built in media player which is capable of playing all kinds of video formats including the popular mkv format. Recording a program on a usb drive is also a possibility. I've used the tv for some time now and I'm really happy with it. It's fast, there are loads of hdmi (4x) and usb (3x) ports, watching movies on a portable usb drive is a breeze and you can customize the tv to your liking with almost too many settings in the menu. Highly recommended!

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